Join Webtalk’s Revenue Sharing Affiliate Program: SocialCPX

What is the Webtalk hype about you wonder. Let me explain. Imagine that you had the foresight to grab shares in Facebook or Linkedin during their early growth stages. How cool would that be seeing the millions they generate today. Here comes the interesting part. You don’t have to imagine anymore because Webtalk is launching a hybrid platform and now is the time to stake your claim. The company proposes  to pay out up to 50% of all revenue, through its free SocialCPX referral program. Yes, they are proposing to reward people for referrals. Please watch the introduction video below. 

Webtalk’s revolutionary platform is the first all in one communication, collaboration and commerce networking community. The platform aims to provide users with  more communication control. The company will generate its revenue from the following streams:

  • Advertising Sales
  • Premium Upgrades
  • Talent Solution
  • Transaction Fees

Proposed Platform Benefits

  • Better contact management & communication (categorisation using group and sub group labelling feature)
  • Time efficiency 
  • Targeted and visible communication 
  • Personal, Professional and Public network integration 
  • 10% lifetime referral commission (of revenue generated from users and businesses referred across 5 degrees of separation)

Current Platform Status

Webtalk is still in Beta testing. However, the platform is capturing public attention with proposed innovations and revolutionary SocialCPX marketing campaign. People are getting excited over the possibilities. The Beta platform is already open to the public and referral campaigns have begun. I have witnessed a sudden surge in traffic as everyone gets into the action via Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube etc. 

RJ GarbowiczOn 16th September 2018. Webtalk founder CEO/CPO (RJ Garbowicz) reported his platform has 370,000 users and counting

The Webtalk platform can be accessed only via referral. The affiliate referral SocialCPX program is free to join which makes things even more exciting. If you are new to the concept of affiliate marketing read the related post below. 

Please let me know your thoughts on the subject. Do you think Webtalk can compete with Facebook and Linkdein? What are the challenges facing Webtalk? Leave your comments below. Thanks for reading and participating, much appreciated.

About The Author

Anthony is a UK certified business strategist and consultant. An entrepreneurship mentor and ezine published writer.  He embraced entrepreneurship after experiencing an existential awakening. Anthony helps entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve success. You are invited to check out his services page and connect with him via the following social platforms:

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  1. Quite educating

    1. Hi William – Webtalk’s hybrid platform and revenue sharing affiliate program socialCPX is capturing peoples attention. Watch this space. Thanks for contributing much appreciated

  2. Hello I have not heard of web talk before as you mentioned it is still in beta testing.
    If it is anything like Facebook I’m sure it will be a fantastic success.
    I would also like to know if anybody has joined web talk I would probably like to see more positive reviews about the affiliate program web talk.
    As far as I know web talk is free to join but has a Premium membership.
    Thank you for writing about web talk as this has made me interested about finding more details about this program.

    1. Hi Sonny. I agree with you. Webtalk would be highly successful if they can integrate like Facebook and LinkedIn. To answer your question 370, 000 users have currently joined the platform. As you are aware of, the platform is free to join. Therefore there is no financial risk involved. If successful the rewards will be huge for the early believers. Thanks for contributing, much appreciated.

  3. Hi Anthony, thank you for the awesome review.

    It’s the first time that I heard about Webtalk, the idea is awesome and could be very popular in the future.

    As you said, they still on their beta and 370,000 users is nothing in terms of social media users.

    Anyway, I will give it a chance and test it.

    1. Hi Shai, thanks for stopping by much appreciated. It is good idea to check it out. There is no financial risk only potential rewards. Best wishes

  4. Thank you for this great review of Webtalks social cpx program.
    It’s nice that they solve a common problem of how to separate your personal contacts away from your professional contacts. There are lots of people telling stories about being fired because their boss saw a personal photo that conflicts with something at work.
    I was just wondering if you have signed up for this platform yet and what has your personal experience been like?

    1. Hi Glenys – The concept of separating personal and professional contacts is a great idea. I have a Webtalk account and it does provide the option to categorize personal and professional contacts. The platform is still growing and my experience so far has been great. If you decide to check it out, please come back and let us know your thoughts. Thanks for contributing, much – appreciated. 

  5. Wow!!! this is really exciting and interesting at the same time. One question on Webtalk. Do they regulate Freedom of Speech like FB, Twitter and many other do?

    1. Glad that you are excited. The freedom of speech dilemma on social media platforms is a sensitive one. I am yet to discover Webtalk’s stance on it. Time will tell. My suggestion would be to explore the platform through participation. It is free to join. If you do decide to check it out, please come back and let us know your insights and first-hand experience.

  6. Very interesting. An excellent way to market a new Social media platform and affiliate marketing at the same time, the video for Webtalk builds excitement as it moves along. Looking over the rest of your website, I will say it is very well designed. I like the way that you have laid out the Getting started button carrying a potential affiliate all the way to the process of becoming aware to joining. Sonny

    1. Hi Sonny – I agree with you the Webtalk platform presentation builds excitement. Let’s see what the future holds as they circumvent the intricacies of integration and marketing. Thanks for not only reading this article but also finding time to look through my website, much appreciated. As you have noted, my web design follows a consistent sequence of awareness to action. In my opinion, It is important to create awareness. Please feel free to reach anytime, if I could be of service to you. 

      Best wishes 

  7. Sounds great! a social platform that pays. But this is nothing new.

    Is it similar to Empowr? I have looked at it and yes it looks like IF it works lot’s can be made but with it’s mlm structure some will make much much more so if that’s your game i agree it’s a viable opportunity. Like you say it’s free!

    1. Hello Dennis – I do not know much about Empowr. They seem to rewards their community based on posts and engagement. Webtalk aims to reward members by sharing revenue generated via advertising. Thanks for stopping by and contributing, much appreciated.

  8. This seems quite a lucrative passive income if it worked out well. Is it for global membership or who can join the Webtalk.

    1. Hi Grace – Webtalk is global social membership platform. Their SocialCPX program rewards members that raise awareness by inviting other members into the platfrm. Anyone can join this program for free.

  9. This is a detailed review of the Webtalks social cpx program. I want to believe that it can compete favorably with Facebook since it has its own strong features. I like that it covers up one private life more than facebook.

    1. You are absolutely right Nelly – The separation of personal from professional contacts is a key feature. We have to wait and see how well they will perform as requires to competing with other social media giants. On the upside, it is a good networking platform and free to join.

  10. Webtalk does not ring a bell to me. Since it is still in beta testing, I hope it is as a good as you say once it is done.

    1. Hello Rizzee – Webtalk is growing but nowhere near the size of social media giants like Facebook and Linkedin. Only time will tell how well they perform in the market. It is free to join so you have nothing to lose. Thanks for stopping by much appreciated. It is always a pleasure engaging with you. Hope to see you soon

  11. I have never heard of webtalk platform before..the idea sounds interesting..anything is possible.. It may be bigger than Facebook in the future …I will like to be a part of this new big thing….

    1. Hello Obalade – Happy to see you. The potential is great but only time will tell how well they perform. It is a great social platform for networking. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think. Thanks for stopping by much appreciated

  12. I like webtalk because of it’s features Webtalk platform is a great platform for communication, collaboration and commerce networking.. The platform aims to provide users with more communication which I know can withstand Facebook.

    1. You are absolutely right Udi – Webtalk has great potential due to the incorporated features. I am using the webtalk platform for networking at it has been great so far. Only time will tell how well they perform against other social media giants. If you need more insights please feel free to reach out anytime.

  13. Thank you so much for the informative article! I’m quite resistant when joining webtalks but after what I read, I need to step up my game. You learn something everyday and this helped me learn a lot about revenue sharing and the stuff.

    1. Hi Rae – Glad you found my content helpful and informative. Please feel free to reach out anytime if you need more insight. I have been involved within the webtalk platform for a couple of months. Hope to see you soon. Take care

  14. I see companies using this as a way of marketing research. On particular, social media. It seems to be the trend these days. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

    1. I agree with You Scott – It is a growing trend. You are welcome as always. Thanks for stopping by and contributing much appreciated. Hope to see you soon

  15. It’s my first time hearing about webtalk. If this article is anything to go by, I can bet it will be a very big platform in the future.

    1. Hello Roy – Happy to see you here. Yes, the potential is exciting but only time will tell how well Webtalk’s hybrid strategy performs against the other social media giants (ie Facebook Linkedin etc). We just have to wait and see. Thanks for stopping by and contributing much appreciated.

  16. Thanks for sharing this information early enough. I think this is the best time to get in on webtalk before it’s crowded.

    1. You are welcome Meg and absolutely right. It is a great time to get involved with webtalk. Imagine if people realized the potential of Facebook and Linkedin during their growth stages. Webtalk is free to join so why not participate. Thanks for stopping by and contributing much appreciated. Hope to see you soon.

  17. I can see Webtalk becoming a very big thing in future and even rivaling the likes of Facebook. A good investor would put money on webtalk when it’s still easy to do so.

    1. Thanks, Patricia you echoed my thoughts exactly. Smart business is about recognizing potential at the early stages not jumping in after saturation. Thanks for stopping by and contributing much appreciated.

  18. That 50% revenue payout clause looks super attractive. Thanks for sharing info about Webtalk – I will most definitely be looking more into it.

    1. Hi Oliver – Happy to see you. Webtalk is definitely worth taking a look at. Thanks for stopping by much appreciated. Hope to see you soon.

  19. 370,000 users and counting seems very promising. This is going to be a very big in the near future.

    1. Hi Daphne – Great to see you here. The growth numbers are encouraging. Time will tell how well Webtalk performs against the other social media giants in terms of market share. Hope all is well with your business. Please feel free to reach out anytime.

  20. I heard about Webtalk social network that its number of members is even escalating since 2017. Now, I’m excited about its hybrid platform to formally launch.

    1. Hello Alma – Webtalk has grown exponentially since 2017. Hopefully, the growth continues. These are exciting times to be an entrepreneur. Thanks for stopping by and contributing much appreciated. Please feel free to reach out anytime

  21. It sounds like a great opportunity to generate an extra income by refering people.

    1. You are absolutely right Elsa – It is a great opportunity from a marketing perspective. Thanks for stopping by and contributing much appreciated. Hope to see you soon.

  22. This is a great way to earn and I agree that if they could integrate it with Facebook then it will be more successful. Looking forward to more info about this.

    1. I doubt that they will integrate with Facebook. Their platform is a hybrid of Facebook and Linkedin. It is a free platform so I recommend you check it out for yourself. Thanks for stopping by much appreciated

  23. Its an amazing platform to earn. Since its still in beta testing, i’ll be watching to see where I can join.

    1. Hi Janet – You should be able to join through the links on the content. Let me know what you think. Thanks for stopping by much appreciated

  24. although it is still in its beta testing I think it is doing well since I have already heard of it. I hope that when it is finalized I want to try it for myself as well.

    1. Hi Danny – The platform is already functional. It is free to join so you can create an account and try it out. Thanks for stopping by much appreciated

  25. Wow, I’m very excited to see this idea take off. It seems like a very useful platform in making communication simple and easy to navigate. The affiliate and credit referrals sound great for generating income and the charts look perfect in categorizing data.

    1. Hi Maury – Yes you can earn from your line of referrals when they start spending on the platform via ads. Glad you found our content informative. Hope to see you again soon. Best wishes

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