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Consultation Guide to Online Business & Marketing - One on One Coaching

The internet is filled with bogus get rich schemes. In my opinion, the biggest challenge in this industry is filtering the noise and avoiding distractions. To establish your business on solid grounds. You need access to knowledge and guidance. I will help you to master the key requirements to be successful within any online business

My 1-2-1 mentoring will enable you create your business from scratch with complete autonomy. If you already have a business but not getting the desired results. I will show you how to 10x your results using effective marketing strategies. I know exactly how it feels not getting results after doing considerable work. It is time to change things around. I will help you uncover the secrets of online marketing. 

 You will learn how to create a successful business within absolutely ANY niche!

I will show you step by step how to navigate the following:

  • Setting up your business / brand from scratch 
  • How to set up your Social Media platforms 
  • How to Build Traffic Assets
  • Marketing Strategies (including using chatbots to drive engagement)
  • Monetisation Strategies
  • Outsourcing 

Due to my other commitments I only take on 10 students at a time. This is because I have to also run my agency.  I am working behind the scenes to make this training accessible online in the coming weeks. To learn more about my coaching availability please contact me. I offer a free consultation so both parties can access suitability. We will also agree on suitable pricing depending on your needs. 

Click Funnels Business Opportunity

Some people don’t have the time to go through the intricacies of setting up a website and learning the details. If you are one of those people that should not deter you from taking advantage of affiliate/ digital marketing.

Click Funnels is an online sales funnel builder created by Russell Brunson. This amazing platform enables you to successfully market and sell your offers online. It lets you design and create sales pages, landing pages etc. You can manage your entire sales funnel using this platform without having a traditional website or need for an autoresponder. Everything is incorporated. Promoting this platform offers amazing benefits. Please check out the video below and launch to discover the magic of click funnels.

Launch to learn more about my partnership proposal and consultation services available to you.  I offer consultation in Web Design and Development Chatbots Design and Installation, Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing Services for small businesses. (SMEs). Please contact me via my contact form for a Free 20 minutes consultation. 


My Objective

My goal is to create the awareness that enables you to make informed business choices. Whichever project you launch my mindset is to work with you to achieve your goals. You are the architect of your destiny. Be inspired, be free!

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