Entrepreneurial skills and characteristics

Ever wondered why some individuals are more suited to success than others? On this post, I will be discussing some of the unique attributes and skills of successful entrepreneurs. The first on my list is passion.


This attribute is unique to all entrepreneurs. It is the driving force behind their relentless quest for success. Whatever the motive or inspiring influence. They are passionate individuals that relentlessly pursue their quest. Successful people keep repeating a course of action until they optimise the process. Failure is used as a learning curve, and not a hindrance towards success.

Organisation & Management skills

Successful entrepreneurs have good organisation and management skills. This is apparent because running a successful business venture requires good organisation skills. Running a business involves market research, evaluating resources, managing tasks and people. Understanding the art of management is one of their unique skills and attributes

Communication Skills

Entrepreneurs are very good communicators. Effective communication can unlock any door. You can alter moods and completely transform situations. Issues arise from lack of communication or ineffective communication. Entrepreneurs are able to sell their vision, product or service by communicating effectively with business partners, employees and customers.

Courage/ Confidence

Business operations involve taking risks. It is usually a risk versus reward venture. A leap of faith in some ways. Successful entrepreneurs put their ideas to work in a competitive economy. This requires courage and confidence. If you do not believe in your own vision, it will be difficult to get other people to believe in it. Courage and confidence are required not only to make decisions but also to enact them. Marcus Garvey’s ingenious quote comes to mind, “If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life”.  Entrepreneurs Are Resilient On Their Quest For Success

Resilience / Tenacity

In personal life and business, things do not always go according to plan. Failures are inevitable. Great entrepreneurs are not scared to make mistakes or fail. They learn and grow from their mistakes.  Entrepreneurs remain optimistic in the face of adversity and persevere through the tough times.

Abraham Lincoln encountered several failures before becoming the first Republican president of the United States. He became one of the greatest presidents in history due to his resilience.

Leadership Skills                                              

To be a successful entrepreneur, some level of leadership skill is required. Decisive and good decision making sets the good apart from the rest. Running a successful business involves managing people and making good decisions. This is not a verdict that successful entrepreneurs make great leaders or vice versa. People approach entrepreneurship differently depending on their motivation and philosophy. To learn more about the entrepreneurial approach and philosophy, please visit the related post below

Entrepreneurs Are Creative Problem Solvers






Creative Thinking / Problem-Solving Skills                

Thinking outside the box is what entrepreneurs do best. They approach problem-solving through proactive and creative thinking. This usually leads to innovation. Good entrepreneurs are receptive to new ideas.

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Please let me know your thoughts. Do you think it would be helpful to be around like-minded individuals? For people  that have gone through these training platforms. Please let me know how this training and communities has helped your development and entrepreneurial skills.
Thanks for reading and participating, much appreciated. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, please feel free to leave them below. I will be happy to help.

About The Author

Anthony is a UK certified business strategist and consultant. An entrepreneurship mentor and ezine published writer.  He embraced entrepreneurship after experiencing an existential awakening. Anthony helps entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve success. You are invited to check out his services page and connect with him via the following social platforms:

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This Post Has 32 Comments

  1. Sophorn

    My family is entrepreneur but I was that rebellious child who decide to do science and engineer instead. Been in cooperate world for almost a decade and looking at the list that you have point out, I think I will do better being a entrepreneur than 9-5 gal. I have recently stumbled on WA and joined. WA has helped me jump start my entrepreneur journey without too much time and risk. I like the simple training that they have. I’m in love the positive community vibe!

  2. Anthony

    Entrepreneurs are adventurous minded individuals that push boundaries. Like you, I ventured into intrapreneurship before eventually opting to strike out as an entrepreneur. Glad to know that you are finding the WA training and community platform valuable. In my opinion, it is essential to be associated with a platform that allows total self-expression. WA teaches the foundations that enable total autonomy. I agree 100% that the synergy and vibe within the community are amazing. Looking forward to following your entrepreneurial journey and participating in the process. Thanks so much for stopping by and contributing, much appreciated. 

  3. Tim Bennett

    I have been an entrepreneur all my life.

    I started my 1st business at 12 and it just went from there.

    I realized early on that I was unemployable and just to make sure, I pretty much failed everything at school, not because I was not smart, but because I did not fit the conventional boxes they had…

    After all, I was an entrepreneur.

    I was passionate about all that I do.

    I wouldn’t say I was so well organized and with good management skills, but I wanted to live life on my own terms…

    What I did know was that I liked making people happy and so I went into show production and made events, shows and movies all over the world with my Argon brand.

    At 55 I am still going strong and now I am in Thailand.

    What I found worked best for me was intuition…

    I trusted my intuition…

    Then I set a goal…

    Then I saw the goal…

    Then I lived the goal…

    Then I shared the goal!

    Works every time.

    Thanks for your nice article!

    Tim Bennett
    My Life is My Passion

    1. Anthony

      Hi Tim. Your comment brought smiles to my face, much appreciated. It awesome to know that you live and enjoy life as an entrepreneur. Thailand is also a great location. It is on my list of places to visit in 2019. I agree with you 100% about intuition. Once the mind conceives a goal and we focus on it with full commitment, it is a done deal. I really enjoyed your contribution. Looking forward to more of your awesome insight and experience. Remain blessed and continue to live your passion. Thanks for sharing 

  4. Patti B

    Dear 3tripleA,
    Your content was a welcomed breeze to read through.

    I thought back on a company I was with several years ago. It involved sales. The sales manager at my location seem so laid back, absolutely no pep or excitement.

    Just as I thought, this person didn’t last too long, so this person returned to the sales floor at another location.

    I agree with you totally – it takes dedication, willing to take risk, be effective in speech, creativity, etc.

    Great leadway into WA, and great images.

    1. Anthony

      Hi Patti -. Passion is essential for success because it drives motivation and creates excitement. Entrepreneurs attain great heights when passionately engaged. This also applies to employees within an organisation. Thanks for contributing, much – appreciated. Looking forward to more of your insights.

  5. beauty

    Being an entrepreneur isn’t for the faint-hearted because of the turns and twists involved in running a business. But I always believe in having passion, communication skills and the courage to continue against all odds.

    1. Anthony

      You are absolutely right Beauty – It takes a certain mindset and skillset to hurdle the challenges of entrepreneurship. Thanks for stopping by and contributing much appreciated

  6. Rizzee Cerdeñola

    An entrepenur should be passionate and positive minded. It is a roller coaster thing but with those attitude, anybody can make it through.

    1. Anthony

      You are absolutely right Rizzee – Passion is essential to be a successful entrepreneur. When you have passion the challenges are bearable because you enjoy putting in the work. It also ignites positivity

  7. Alma

    To become a successful entrepreneur really requires passion, attitude, and skills. This post reveals the most essential that an entrepreneur should have to attain his goal.

    1. Anthony

      Hello Alma – I totally agree with you. Thanks for stopping by and contributing much appreciated.

  8. Offiong

    These two skills passion and consistency as always worked for enterpreneurs. I can do spirit and keep keeping can be a very good push in the right direction. Have passion for a business and be consistent with it to excel.

    1. Anthony

      You are absolutely right Offiong – Passion and consistency are key attributes for entrepreneurial success. Thanks for stopping by and contributing much appreciated

  9. Obalade Damilola

    One thing I know is that entrepreneurs have passion and that is something that drives them..they also take a lot of risk…
    I love your article..makes me want to follow my dream…Great share

    1. Anthony

      Happy to see you here Obalade -Yes passion is necessary for entrepreneurial success. You should pursue your dreams. Best wishes

  10. Maury Cheskes

    Great characteristics mentioned. I often think in times of failure what the universe is trying to tell me and what I should be doing differently. Success is so gratifying because of failure and your ability to rise above it. Leadership and confidence go hand in hand. Thanks for the helpful and inspiring message.

    1. Anthony

      Happy to see you here Maury – Failure is a learning curve towards success. Good entrepreneurs learn and grow from their failures. Thanks for stopping by and contributing much appreciated

  11. Roy

    Resilience is a very key attribute for any entrepreneur. Many fail because they give up too easily.

    1. Anthony

      Hello Roy – Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts much appreciated

  12. Meg W

    I find courage/confidence a must have quality if one is to be successful. Success involves taking risks and taking risks requires courage.

    1. Anthony

      Hi Meg – Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts much appreciated

  13. Patricia

    Inventiveness is also very important. It gives rise to original ideas that can really help an entrepreneur.

    1. Anthony

      Good to see you here Patricia – Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts much appreciated

  14. Oliver

    The importance of good communication skills for any entrepreneur cannot be overstated. Being able to communicate and do so effectively can either make or break an entrepreneur.

    1. Anthony

      Hello Oliver – You are right about the importance of having good communication skills. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts much appreciated

  15. Daphne

    Your article is very informative. As an aspiring entrepreneur I have learnt a lot from this. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Anthony

      Hi Daphne – You are welcome. Glad you found my article informative. Please feel free to reach out anytime.

  16. Robert M

    I really like your article on unique attributes about successful entrepreneurs. I myself would like to be successful one day and a good thing i have the attributes i require. Thanks a lot.

    1. Anthony

      Hi Robert – Great to know you have the attributes for entrepreneurial success. Please feel free to reach out anytime

  17. Danielle M

    Organization and management skills are one of the first skills that are required to be successful in this project. when this skill is missing is easy to get lost and use bad resources or waste a lot of time.

    1. Anthony

      Hello Danielle – Glad to see you here. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts much appreciated

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