Affiliate Marketing Routes To Passive & Residual Income: 9 Platforms

Most people are awakening to the reality that to create wealth, we can not solely depend on active income. Wealth creation requires having diverse income streams. On this post, I am going to discuss with you, ways to create passive and residual income through affiliate marketing. I will be discussing the following :

Affiliate Marketing Route to Passive Income

1. What is Active Income ?

We are all familiar with this type of income. It refers to income received from performing a service. This includes wages, tips, salaries, commissions and income from businesses. It requires your active participation. Most of us have grown up knowing and relying on active income.

2. What is Passive Income ?

This term refers to an income stream resulting from cash flow received on a regular basis, requiring minimal to no effort by the recipient to maintain it. Passive income is usually derived from two sources: (a) rental activity or (b) trade or business activities in which you do not materially participate.

3. What is Residual Income ?

Residual Income basically refers to when you continue to get paid after the work is done. Examples include royalties from books movies or songs and income that comes from real estate or business investments, where you don’t have to be present to earn it. To create real wealth, you need to be generating residual income. Think about the movie stars, musicians, writers etc. They keep generating residual income long after they had completed the movie or recording via royalties.

4. What is Affiliate Marketing ?

Affiliate Marketing is simply the art of promoting other people’s products or services to earn a commission. If you are new to the concept of affiliate marketing, please refer to my related posts below:

5. Benefits of creating Passive & Residual Income via Affiliate Marketing

There are several benefits of creating passive and residual income through affiliate marketing. Unlike active income, passive and residual income does not require you to be continuously active to generate. Therefore, it is not rocket science, to figure out why these income streams are the most relevant to wealth creation. Some of the key benefits includes:

  1. Low start-up costs
  2. Tax benefits of owning and operating a home-based business
  3. Choosing your partners
  4. Pathway to success is already established– simply sign up, learn, and grow
  5. Motivation and excitement
  6. Time duplication
  7. Reduced stress in life

6. How to create Passive and Residual Income via Affiliate Marketing

There are several platforms that will enable you create passive and residual income via affiliate marketing. From the discussions above,  It is clear that passive and residual income streams, are created through receiving recurring payments. Let’s now look at some platforms that enable you to generate recurring income streams through affiliate marketing.

1. Click Funnels

Click Funnels is an online sales funnel builder that enables businesses to successfully market, sell, and deliver their products online. It lets you design and create sales pages, landing pages etc. You can manage your entire sales funnel using this platform. Traditional online funneling means you need to deal with website hosting, landing pages, email autoresponders, etc. and have them all work in unison. Click funnels delivers all these functions under one platform.

Click Funnels pays 40% monthly recurring commission. 

They offer a wide range of services that would be beneficial to growing an online business. They also offer affiliates quality free Bootcamp Training and a motivational dream car challenge. Check out the offers below

2. Clickbank Network

Clickbank University is a brilliant all inclusive training and community support platform. Ideal for someone on a low budget. This platform delivers all the training and resources needed to kick-start a successful online business. 

Clickbank marketplace vendors offer up to 75% commission 

3. Aweber

Aweber is one of the leading Email Service Providers (ESP) in the industry. This tool enables you to automate and schedule your email responses as desired. Every successful marketer  understands the benefit of having an automated service. 

Aweber pays 30% monthly recurring commission

Stencil is a powerful image creation tool. It is used by social media marketers, bloggers and small businesses, for designing and creating beautiful eye catching images. Stencil is simple to use and built for speed, meaning anyone can create beautiful images quickly, to double their social media engagement. 

Stencil pays 30% monthly recurring commission


ConvertKit is another great email marketing platform that enables you to grow and scale your business using email  automation. Most marketers prefer Convertkit, because of its simplicity and great features. This awesome ESP is slightly costlier than Aweber. It comes with great features such as Easy Integrations, Concierge Migration, Drag & Drop Builder. Reliable Support etc. 

ConvertKit pays 30% monthly recurring commission

Sumo enables you to grow your business through email opt ins and social media integration.  It enables you to get more signups and improve your sales. This tool is good for content marketing and email marketing. It has become popular because of the number of website owners adopting it on their sites. 

Sumo pays 30% recurring commission

 This is paid on a recurrent basis and for the customers lifetime.

7. CrowdFire

Crowdfire is an awesome smart Social Media Manager that’s helping you grow online everyday. Save tons of time by managing all your social accounts from one location.

Crowdfire pays 35% recurring commission for each referral

8. Elementor

Elementor is a great page builder that uses drag and drop elements. It enables you take complete control of your web design. Building a WordPress website as never been easier. 

Elementor pays 50%  yearly recurring commission for each paying referral

The platforms above offer recurring commission, which is ideal for generating passive income. However high ticket sales are the fastest way to generate huge income online.

Thanks for reading, much appreciated. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, please feel free to leave them below. I will be happy to help you. 

About the Author

Anthony is a UK certified business strategist and consultant. An entrepreneurship mentor and ezine published writer.  He embraced entrepreneurship after experiencing an existential awakening. Anthony helps entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve success. You are invited to check out his services page and connect with him via the following social platforms:

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  1. Cathryn

    They are all about having entrepreneurial skills

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      Hello Cathryn – Yes you are absolutely right. Having good entrepreneurial skills is essential. Thanks for stopping by and contributing, much appreciated. Looking forward to more of your insights. Best wishes

  2. David Mureithi

    It’s good to have different income points. There comes a time when one fails and the other saves the day.

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  3. benny

    This is a really enlightening.I’m an affiliate but never knew about these passive ways of making money. I’m so interested in this and will be starting with aweber. Then try others later

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      Hello Benny – Glad you found my content informative. Aweber is a quality product that pays recurring income. It is an excellent choice. Please feel free to reach out anytime. Best wishes on your entrepreneurial venture. Hope to see you soon.

  4. Obalade Damilola

    Great I know the difference between passive,active and residual income..Affiliate marketing is something i want to explore..thanks for the enlightenment..

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    Thanks for sharing this article, I’m going to read it more carefully to see which options work best for me.

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  6. Roy

    Everyone’s goal in affiliate marketing is to be able to make a stable passive income. Getting to that level however needs a great deal of work and anyone is capable of doing it!

    1. Anthony

      You are right Roy – Achieving passive income through affiliate marketing is attainable with hard work dedication. Thanks for stopping by much appreciated. It is always a pleasure to engage with you.

  7. Meg W

    Your article has a treasure trove of valuable information. It’s very clear and concise too. Thanks so much for sharing.

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    A very well researched article and very easy to follow. I’ve learnt quite a bit from this. Keep it up!

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  9. Oliver

    What I love most about Affiliate Marketing is that you are your own boss and pretty much make the rules on how you operate. It’s a very good path to take if you value your peace of mind 🙂

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      You are absolutely right Oliver – It rewards greatly when you can dictate things at your own pace. It is always a pleasure engaging with you. Thanks for stopping by much appreciated

  10. Daphne

    Thanks for listing the platforms that can help one get recurring income. I have been looking for these recommendations for a while now. Thanks a bunch.

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      Hello Daphne – Glad you found my content helpful. These are good recommendations but you can also explore affiliate networks for more offers. Hope you are getting on well with your business. Please feel free to reach out anytime

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    This is a very valuable post, it feels to know about all the places one can actually make passive income. Click funnels sound new to me but it one site I will look out to try.

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  12. Rizzee Cerdeñola

    We need to have a passive income. It is necessary. Income from regular is sometimes not enough.

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    This article is so helpful knowing the different income types. How to earn them too is such an additional good information.

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  14. Scott Summers

    Having Passive income on the internet is a good job but needs a lot of work to have traction. For me as an example a lot of factors went into my job searching. One of which is its legitimacy. After all, the net is filled with scams.

    1. Anthony

      You are right Scott. Due diligence is necessary to identify the legitimate opportunities online. This is also the reason why we create these contents to inform and guide people based on experience. Thanks for stopping by much appreciated. It is always a pleasure engaging with you. Hope to see you soon.

  15. Barak Telle

    Greatly informed about passive and residual income. I’ve relied to much on active income, I need to diversify my income opportunities.

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      Hi Barak – Good to see you. It is essential to have varied sources of income. Please feel free to reach out anytime. Best wishes on your entrepreneurial venture

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