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My name is Anthony. I am a certified business analyst & marketing strategist. I offer consultation services in Process Improvement, Web design and development, Market Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, Ad Creation, etc. 

 I opted for entrepreneurship and sought time freedom after going through a difficult time that sparked an existential awakening. 

My focus shifted from chasing money through the corporate ladder to creating my own path. Being a creative individual, I struggled to cope with the inefficiencies and stress that comes with the mechanics of corporations. To regain control of my time and energy I made the leap and forever thankful for it. , 

In the clouds

There are countless strategies implemented by big businesses to achieve success. They also have access to greater resources. For independent entrepreneurs and SMEs the challenge can be daunting.  SMEs struggle to navigate the intricacies of having a streamlined process and effective marketing. Small business owners sometimes get stuck and find it difficult to circumvent certain issues due to a lack of resources and expertise. I know these challenges too well based on my experience. My goal is to enable SMEs thrive in a competitive market using  my knowledge and expertise.

Why I Want To Help SMEs

Providing creative solutions and enabling people to make informed business choices has always been my passion. I needed a platform that enabled me, to reach out to SME’s, entrepreneurs and freedom seekers like you.  This is why  I created ‘designwealthonline’.

It is my life project to help entrepreneurs and freedom seekers, to break down conventional barriers and achieve success. 

This platform also enables me to share my knowledge and experience through my blog. I enjoy creating awareness through writing. 

Statue of Liberty
Be Happy, Be Free

Please feel free to contact me if you need any help. I will be happy to assist you. I wish you the best on your journey towards success!

Be Inspired, Be Free!

Devoted to enabling you to achieve success !


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